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Cormitto seeks transformative business transitions supporting seamless owner succession and stability for employees. Our primary objective is to ensure your company's legacy thrives in capable hands.


Cormitto Partners leverages the experience of a proven team of business operators to acquire and grow companies with the intent of long-term ownership and potential to build upon the achievements of the prior owners. The ideal opportunity is one in which the owner is seeking to transition day-to-day management, has no succession plan and cares about the continued success of the business and its stakeholders. We are prepared for a smooth and efficient close. Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the process for all involved is critical to our team.

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We understand that deciding to sell part or all of your business requires significant thought regarding the future of the business. As owner, you want to ensure that your business has strong stewardship to guide it into its next phase of growth. Our ability to be flexible helps us to structure a transaction customized to your priorities.

Our Approach


Introduction to the business and establish potential fit with our target criteria.  The business owners gain comfort with the Cormitto team and overall approach.


Outcome: Preliminary interest and election to move forward to the evaluation stage. 


Preliminary analysis of the company, business opportunity, and market.  Business owners align with Cormitto's assessment and plan to acquire the business, along with roles and responsibilities.

Outcome: Letter of Intent and agreement to move forward into due diligence stage.

Due Diligence

Cormitto performs a detailed analysis of the business, financial, operational, legal, and tax aspects of the company.  The business owners become comfortable with the terms of the transaction and plan for change in ownership.

Outcome: Draft Sale and Purchase agreements


Cormitto executes legal agreements and prepares for transition of ownership.  The business owners execute legal agreements and prepare for owner transition.

Outcome: Finalized transaction and transition of ownership


Denise Shade

Denise is Managing Partner of Cormitto Partners with more than 25 years of leadership experience, she has a proven record of building and successfully transforming businesses facing formidable challenges, resulting in sustained profitable growth. Her passion is cultivating high-performing teams, fostering engagement, and creating an environment for team members to flourish and achieve success. Previously, Denise was a member of KeyBank's Executive Council and leader of several businesses for Key including Foreign Exchange, Financial Institutions, International Trade and Technology Payments. She was a past Managing Partner and current board member of Promise Partners (an entrepreneurship through acquisition incubator). She is on the board of the U.S. Department of Commerce Northern Ohio District Export Council. She is an Ohio Governor appointed Commodore. Denise is a graduate of Miami University (BA) and Case Western Reserve University (MBA).

Kevin Shaw

Kevin is Chairman and co-founder of PromiseONE Investments, LLC.

With a strong background in business leadership, Kevin served as CEO of NCS Healthcare, a publicly traded institutional pharmacy that went public under his guidance. He co-founded the company, led its successful public offering and served as its CEO until is sale in 2003. During his tenure, Kevin led the acquisition of over 50 companies acquiring extensive expertise that continues to inform PromiseONE’s investment approach today. Prior to NCS, he was employed by McKinsey & Company and Owens Corning Fiberglass where he honed his business acumen and strategic thinking. Kevin is currently an owner of Fathom, an award-winning digital marketing firm. He serves on the boards of Promise Partners and several private companies. Kevin is a graduate of Harvard College (BA) and Stanford Graduate School of Business (MBA).

Barbara Lindsay

Barbara Lindsay is a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader, currently serving as the President and Owner of Commercial Cutting, a designer and manufacturer of high-end point-of-purchase displays. With over two decades of experience, Barbara has been instrumental in driving significant growth for the company. Before launching her own Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (ETA) search which led to her purchase of Commercial Cutting, Barbara was President and CEO of HillMed Group. Her extensive experience spans various segments of the healthcare industry. During her tenure at HillMed, the company experienced remarkable expansion through a combination of startups, strategic acquisitions and organic growth. Barbara is a past Managing Partner of Promise Partners. Barbara’s expertise and success in entrepreneurship have positioned her as a valuable mentor and advisor as she fosters entrepreneurship and support of aspiring business owners. Barbara is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University (MBA).

Patrick Morris

Pat Morris has extensive experience as an investor, specializing in the acquisition and sale of companies through his holding company, Colonnade Distribution, Ltd. He initially developed his strong background in mergers and acquisitions as a Partner at Calfee, Halter and Griswald LLP where he spent a decade skillfully orchestrating deals on behalf of clients. Following his tenor at Calfee, he joined the executive team at NCS Healthcare, where he focused on the company’s aggressive M&A activities contributing to the company’s growth and market expansion. Pat went on to found a startup managing continuing education courses for business professionals. Pat’s firsthand experience in entrepreneurship, and extensive knowledge and expertise make him a trusted advisor to successful entrepreneurs, providing strategic guidance and sharing insights gained from both sides of the table. Pat is a past Managing Partner of Promise Partners and a current board member. Pat is a graduate of Trinity College (BA) and Case Western Reserve University School of Law (JD).

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Our experienced team has bought, operated and grown strong businesses and we are looking to replicate our success. We are buy and hold investors who increase the value of fundamentally sound businesses, care about the business' stakeholders and the community where it operates. We hope to keep the existing managers and employees on board and other key relationships intact.  We are a good match for sellers seeking a good steward of their legacy.

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